10 Tips for better Horsemanship:

  1. If your horse is spooky, it is OK to get off the horse and address the spooky obstacle. It is safer to deal with it on the ground than under saddle.

  2. Be light with your hands. We spend a lifetime in riding learning not to pull on the reins. Learn how to use an open rein and indirect or neck rein

  3. The more you do transitions, the more you stretch and strengthen the longitudinal muscles and the hind leg joints.

  4. Always reward your horse with a pat, soft voice or treat when he responds positively – he will be more willing to give a positive response next time.

  5. Incorporating dressage exercises into your routine can improve your performance in any discipline

  6. If you are taking your horse on a trail he has never seen before, have a friend bring her horse along for moral support.

  7. Always keep your eyes, and thus your concentration, in front of your horse's head.

  8. Always have a “perfect practice” planned when you ride your horse

  9. Ask yourself: Is your horse suited to you? Do you feel safe working with him? Are you having fun with him? These are tough questions to ask yourself, but if you and your horse aren't a good match, it might be time to make a change. 

10. The more you squeeze, grip or kick your horse’s sides, the more you give your horse all the tools to ignore your leg aids.

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