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DIY Equestrian Lifehacks

Equestrian Lifehacks on a Budget   Equestrians have so many things to deal with. All the stable chores, taking care of horses, training, and competitions… Care items, feeding horses, trying to find best and cheap tacks, trying to wear cool and chic clothes during competitions may cause you a lot of stress and cost a lot of money. Even for the simplest things, you may start pondering whether to buy or not. Actually, you can use cheap items you can find everywhere to create your own stable items and save your money for better equipment. You can give a try to these equestrian tips: Homemade fly spray To make your own fly spray and save some money, you can simply...

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How to Bond With Your Horse

Tips for bonding with your horse   Whether you are buying a new horse or doing part-lease, it’s important to learn how to create a loving relationship and become partners with your new friend. It’s quite normal (as horses are not dogs) that your horse will not trust you immediately. Once you gain his trust, you will get the most amazing relationship you can ever have! So here are the tips to better understand and communicate with your horse: Be affirmative and consistent. You should be firm in your leadership. At the same time try to be fair. Don’t expect that your horse will do anything you ask for the first time. Be clear with what you ask and always communicate...

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Equestrian Girl Tips And Tricks

Equestrian Girl’s Tips and Tricks There are tons of riding tips floating around the internet, but no one is really covering the beauty and care topic for women and girls who happen to be equestrians.     Messy ponytail, chipped nail polish and the barn smell following you after every barn visit. Sounds familiar, right?   In this article, I would like to share with you several tips that I use myself as an equestrian girl! These tips will help you always look 100% even if you spend most of the time at the barn.       1) Always wear a sports bra for your training! Equestrian sports involve a lot of “jumpiness” and even if your breasts are...

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