About Us

Dear Esteemed Equestrians,

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you who share a profound passion for horses with us.  Few pursuits match the blend of challenge, excitement, and fulfillment found in this world of horses. The bond we forge with our horses, the intuitive understanding we develop, and the mastery of their psychology and temperament set our sport apart in its richness and depth.

My own journey into the equestrian world began at the tender age of six, under the gentle guidance of my parents who introduced me to the wonder. From that moment, I was captivated by these majestic creatures. Days spent grooming, caring for the ponies, and assisting my trainer ingrained in me a profound love for all things equine. Despite the occasional setback or tumble, I persisted, recognizing that riding was shaping not just my skill but my character.

The genesis of Equestroom stems from a deeply personal experience—a memory etched in the fabric of my being. I recall the exhilaration of triumphing in a local show-jumping event, rewarded with my very first pony-sized pink saddle pad. The joy of that moment, placing the newly-won pad on my beloved gray pony "Butterfly," remains an indelible imprint on my heart.

At Equestroom, our mission is singular: to evoke that same sense of joy and fulfillment in each of our customers. We strive to recreate the magic of unwrapping a vibrant, sparkling saddle pad, accompanied by complementary accessories—a moment of pure delight. With a relentless dedication to excellence, we endeavor to ensure your shopping experience is not just seamless but infused with anticipation and satisfaction, facilitated by swift shipping across North America and Europe.

Our company stands proudly as a beacon of female leadership, founded and steered by women who share a passion for everything horse. This commitment to diversity and empowerment fuels our resolve to continuously push boundaries, offering an ever-evolving array of unique and imaginative designs for you and your horse.

Together, let us kindle and share the boundless joy of equestrian sports, fostering a community united by our love for these magnificent animals and the profound connections they inspire.

We welcome your feedback and ideas, as we strive relentlessly to enhance our offerings and enrich your equestrian experience.

With gratitude and admiration,

Your Equestroom Team