About Us

Dear Equestrian,

I am writing to each of you to express my true appreciation of how brave you are to choose equestrian sports. I think this is one of the most challenging, exciting, and at the same time, the most rewarding sports in the world. The way we connect with our horses, the way we learn to feel them, work with their psychology and mood is truly unique and exclusive to this sport. 

I first tried riding at the age of 6, thanks to my parents who took me to the stable once. And I fell in love with horses. I remember spending days at the club, grooming, taking care of the ponies, helping my trainer. At some moments, it was challenging. I would fall, but I kept getting back on the horse. I think riding helped me become who I am now.

I decided to create Equestroom because I remember that feeling when I won a local show-jumping competition and got my first pony-sized pink saddle pad. I remember the joy it gave me when I first put my newly-won saddle pad on my grey pony “Butterfly”.

At Equestroom, our mission is to bring that joy to our customers. That moment when you open your package and see a colorful, sparkling saddle pad for your horse alongside matching accessories. We are working hard, so you can share those moments of joy with us and have a seamless shopping experience along the way with fast shipping across North America and the European continent.

Our company is founded by women and, we are proud to say that to this moment, our company is 100% female-led! 

Our goal is to keep working hard and keep bringing unique and creative designs to your barn.

Let’s share the joy of equestrian sports together!