Throughout history, many horses served humanity in different ways. Some of them became known to be the very first colt of a new breed, some of them broke great records and got their names in the Guinness World Records, some of them served science just like all the other animals.


Photo: Christine Mendoza

Some horses changed the lives of great people forever, and some horses carried their masters in battlefields writing the new history together. Here five of those unforgettable horses:


Photo: Doruk Yemenici

  1. The first Morgan horse was named “Figure”. His owner, Justin Morgan, was a teacher, composer, and businessman in the USA. He became known by his owner’s name, Justin Morgan's horse. This steed was the founding sire of the Morgan breed.

  2. In the Guinness World Records, the record for the highest jump made by a horse is held by a thoroughbred, Huaso Ex-Faithful. Huaso jumped 2.47 meters with its Chilean rider Alberto Larraguibel in 1949.

  3. The first cloned horse was a Haflinger mare in Italy in 2003. Her name was Promtea

  4. Napoleon, a French military leader and emperor, rode more than 150 horses during his life. One of his horses was named Vizir. It was a purebred Arabian stallion sent to Napoleon as a gift from the Ottoman Empire. The stallion served Napoleon for long years and saw several battles with the emperor. After its death, Vizir was preserved in taxidermy and can be seen at the Musée de l'Armée, France.

  5. Peggy, a Shetland pony, was given to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret by their father, King George VI, and inspired the Queen’s lifelong love of horses.


Photo: Timothy Muza


The horse served humanity more than an animal could. They were in the battlefields with humans, they were used in the experiments, they did everything they could with their riders and got new records, and, of course, they changed the lives they touched. They were always loyal companions to human beings, and they will always be our loyal friends.

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