What To Gift Your Beloved Equestrian

The holiday season is around the corner and it is just the time to start deciding on the gifts you will buy for your loved ones! But hold on, is that lucky person an equestrian? If you say yes, you may already know that it is always a bit confusing to choose the perfect gift for equestrians as they have quite different styles than non-equestrians. Whether for a birthday or Christmas or maybe just a special day for you, you might need ideas to choose the best gift for them. No problem, we got you covered! Here are some different ideas to help you:

1. Jewelry

As equestrian fashion has enormously changed in recent years, equestrian jewelry has become a real industry. Now, the only equestrian sign is not horseshoes! You can choose from a great variety of gold or silver, stirrup-shaped necklace or bit-shaped bracelet and much more different shaped rings, earrings... Even real handmade horsetail bracelets are available!

2. Artworks & Figurines

Doesn’t matter if your dear equestrian loves art or not! An equestrian can never say “nay” to a perfectly made horse painting. You can find several online equine art shops and get art prints, art posters, or canvas prints. Canvas prints might be more expensive than other options. If you are not able to afford that, you can get an art print and a minimalist frame to put it in. If you have enough money, you can find commission artists on Instagram and get his/her very own photo with his/her horsey drawn by an artist.

Another option is tiny tiny horse sculptures! Whether online or by going to the shop yourself, you can choose a horse figurine to gift him/her. Wooden, bronze, or glass, choose the one which looks the most appealing.

3. Printed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.

Thanks to platforms like Redbubble and Shopify, many artists now sell their artworks printed on many different products such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, pillows, even phone cases. You can also find attitude hoodies or t-shirts with attitude for your horse-mad person. After an online search, you are able to get the perfect option! 


By MoonMouseApparel on Etsy

(by MoonMouseApparel  on Etsy)

4. Tickets to a horse show

Well, this is one of the best options! You can find information online about the horse shows around and get 2 tickets to spend some fun time with them watching professional riders and all those perfect horses. Don’t forget to offer lunch or dinner after the show, because watching the competition of marvelous riders&horses makes us hungry at the end!

5. Books or Movies

If this horse-mad person is also a bookworm, you can choose a horse-related book. There are many thrilling novels about horses and riders. Again, you can search online and read the summaries of these books. Maybe they like reading informative books? No worries there are many books about horses, horse health, horse riding, horse training... Also, you may want to make sure if they have already read the book you have chosen or not. Same for the movies, there are several movies you can watch together. In a casual talk about movies, you can get which horse movies she/he loves and which one they haven’t seen yet!

6. Health&Care Products

You might already know that affording a horse is pretty difficult sometimes and most of the health and care items for horses are expensive. If you think you can afford, a high-quality fly spray or mane and tail care set can really make them happy. Grooming tools can be another option if you think he/she needs new tools.

7. Equestrian Clothing

Equestrian fashion is now an official term! There are vast varieties in equestrian clothing lines! A horsegirl can never reject a fashionable gift. Depending on the discipline they ride and depending on your budget, you can gift a riding helmet, a pair of riding gloves, breeches, boots, or a riding shirt. You know them, make sure to choose the style that matches their personality. And yeah, don’t forget to check the size to avoid problems afterward. 

8. Horse tack

It is not a secret that an equestrian always needs a new tack. Especially high-quality saddle pads and protection boots that represent a personal style can sometimes be the best present for both your horse-mad and his/her horse!  Again, make sure to choose a style that she/he will like, and don’t forget to check the horse’s size! 

9. Gift Cards

Speaking of horse tack as a gift, you now have an even better option! If you want to buy tack as a gift but not sure how to choose all the confusing disciplines or sizes, GET A GIFT CARD and let them choose what they really need for their horse. Nothing can beat A GIFT CARD from an exclusive tack store!



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