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Summer is officially over and fall is upon us! While that fall breeze on your cheeks and golden leaves create the perfect ambiance to saddle up, the show season comes to an end. Aren’t these enough to make this season the best for us all? Either the fall is your favorite season or not, there are many ways to turn it into some quality time with your horse. Before you start making your goals, here are some great activities you should try this fall:




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  • Review Your Achievements and Goals

    This might sound boring but when the show season is over, we recommend reviewing your achievements of the year. If you have achieved your 2020 goals, great! You can make further plans to achieve your 2021 plans and decide how you will continue your training. If you haven’t achieved your goals, don’t worry! Things happen. You can take your time to find out what went wrong during your training and shows. Once you know what was wrong, you can change your plans to make it right for the next season. Done with review and planning? Let’s hop onto the fun part of the fall!






  • Trail Ride

  • Is there any equestrian who doesn’t like trail rides? During the fall, the cool weather and golden&red leaves provide the best conditions for trail ride enthusiasts. Besides, trail rides can help you strengthen your bond with your horse out of your regular lessons. In the long term, having a stronger bond pays off in your lessons and competitions. You can get some trail ride buddies from your barn, choose a nearby trail ride, and saddle up! If you have access to any nearby forest, that can be the best trail option in the fall with the perfect landscape. You can also try a trail ride at the beach. Seaside can be safer in the fall as people don’t prefer these areas during this chilly season. Once you decide to go on a trail ride, don’t forget to check our Tips For A Safe Trail Ride.





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  • Photoshoot

    Horses and riders in majestic fall landscape… Once the leaves change their color, woods and forests become the best photoshoot locations. If you are interested in creating memories with your horse and saving them in albums, you should take advantage of scenic fall leaves and get ready for your Fall Photoshoot! You can dress up and plan different poses to make your photoshoot look as if it is from a fairy tale or an ancient fantastic story. Also, don’t forget to groom your horse nicely for the best result.





    Modeling: @haflinger_storm_naomi - Photography: @alinaniemaphotography_



  • Clip Your Horse For Fun

  • Once the crispy winds start to blow from the north, horses start to grow their winter coat. We love their fluffy winter coat but horses that are exercised regularly may need to be clipped for health concerns. If you clip your horse’s coat this fall, why not to turn this stressful and horsehair filled task into a fun time activity? Once you decide the areas where you will clip, you can make some fun designs for your horse’s shoulders and hindquarters. You can take non-toxic chalk and draw anything you wish on your horse’s coat. Then, start the clipper and have fun! For detailed tips on horse clipping, you can check our Tips On Clipping Your Horse.






  • Ride A Hunter Trail

    Are you a showjumper or eventer? If your answer is yes, you must love jumping with your horse. If your shows are over, you can still try a hunter trail with your four-legged teammate and have fun with jumping and trail riding among other riders. Hunter trails are combinations of trail rides and over-fence jumps. Different hunter events offer different levels where you can compete. Trying a hunter trail can be a good exercise for both you and your horse as you need to put your skills. In the meantime, you can meet new equestrians and make new friends.






  • Dress Up For HALLOWEEN

  • Halloween is a major reason to love fall! It is probably the best time of the year when you can come together with family and friends to have some real fun. If you love Halloween celebrations, you can spice it up by adding some equestrian activities in it. There are many creative costume shows for horses and riders. Even if you cannot go on a crowded equestrian costume show, you can create your own costume party with your best barn friends and design your own costumes. What is the most creative costume you can design for your horse? Let the creativity lead your way to the most epic event of the year! For more Halloween Ideas.




    Modeling: @laura_degraeve - Photography: @marylineverstraetenphotography



  • Tack Shopping

  • Starting with fall till the end of winter, there are many discounts and offers for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more! This time of the year is perfect for tack shopping if you need some new fashionable tack for the upcoming year but want to save your money. You can take a look at our special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. 





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