Horse-Related Activities You Can Do In Lockdown






Since Covid-19 spread across the world and became an international issue, governments had to restrict a great number of activities. As equestrians, we had to take cautions too, and many barns are now closed for the safety of everyone. Hence, we all ended up having a hard time without our equestrian friends and some of us even without our horses. Can this stop us from being creative equestrians? Of course, no! There are still many horse-related things you can do at home. You can take a cup of tea/coffee and check all the ideas we have to share!



  • If you have access to your horse


If you are still lucky enough to go to the barn or even luckier to have your horse at home, you can enjoy finally having some good time together, only the two of you. You can try these activities with your horse and make each second a joy!





  1. Bathing your horse: As the weather is getting warmer day by day, you can offer your horse a relaxing bath. Get a nice smelling horse shampoo and make sure to have fun with bubbles! 





 2.) Braiding skills: It’s not that hard to master braiding horse mane and tail, is it? It can be a useful skill to learn how to braid your horse’s mane and tail in different styles. You can check tutorials and try to become a hairdresser for your four-legged buddy. 




3.) Liberty: If you have always wanted to teach your horse some liberty tricks but never had enough time to try because of your endless programs, this is the right time! Get your horse to a paddock where you two can be alone and try some liberty this time. 





4.) Galloping free: That feeling of freedom when you gallop into the woods… We all love that feeling and we highly recommend having a calming ride in the woods if you can.



  • If you don’t have access to your horse

    We know how painful it can be to stay away from horses for a long time. You might be missing the cuddles with your horse, riding free, and especially that smell of your horsey… Don’t worry we all know that feeling. Even though you can’t cuddle your beloved teammate, there are different “equestrian things” you can do at your home:




    1. Clean your tack: If you have your tack at home or have the opportunity to bring them home, this might be the best time to start a tack cleaning operation. We never know when we will have this much free time to clean our tack again! Here we have some tips for you about cleaning tack: (https://www.equestroom.com/blogs/blog/tips-for-cleaning-tack





    1.) Clean your grooming kit: Another batch of things that we rarely have time to clean and care! Some deep cleaning is always needed in a grooming box. 





    2.) Horse movies: A lot of people prefer watching Netflix and eating snacks to escape from boredom in quarantine. How about getting some popcorn or chips and watching top horse movies this time? 





    3.) Horse books: Let’s be honest, every equestrian has at least 1-2 horse-related books that they want to read but never have time to. This is the perfect time to get yourself some hot chocolate and a cozy blanket to dive into the world of horse full books! 





    4.) Equine art: Whether you have artistic skills or not, drawing or making 3D artworks such pro clay model horses can help you have a good and productive time while giving your mind a great opportunity to relax. Take a paper and a pencil (or any kind of art material that you would like yo use) and start the creativity! 





    5.) Start an Equestrian Bucket List: Being away from your horse doesn’t mean that you should stop dreaming about your future together! Making a bucket list of the things you would like to do with your horse can help you achieve your dreams. Dream, note down, and start working to make them come true as soon as the lockdown is over! You can check our ideas for an Equestrian Bucket List here (https://www.equestroom.com/blogs/blog/equestrian-bucket-list)


    No matter how hard it is to be in self-quarantine and away from our friends and our horses, we all should respect the restrictions that the government implements for the well-being of everyone. Please don’t forget to wash your hands and respect each other’s personal space. 


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