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Christmas in Equestrian Style


'Tis almost time and Christmas almost is here to bring warmth into our homes, stables, and into our hearts! If Christmas is your favorite time of the year too and if you are making all the amazing plans for spending time with your family and with your horse, grab a whole mug of hot chocolate (or tea) and join us while we list some amazing decoration ideas for your Equestrian Style Cristmas! 


  • House and Barn Decoration

A good decoration is a must when you are celebrating the most important day of the year! If you want to show your equestrian spirit in your Christmas decoration this year, there are many ways to do so. Here are our tips for an outstanding equestrian style decoration at home and at the barn:


1. Equestrian Wreaths: Only with the usual materials you use for typical wreaths, you can create a horse-shaped or horsehead-shaped wreath to welcome your guests at the door. If you can’t make the shape yourself, you can simply use a print to stick the items on. The key point is to make it big so that it will be eye-catching. To make your horsehead-shaped wreath even cooler, you can add a real halter that you don’t need! In addition, some red ribbons will make it the champion of all wreaths! As another tip, if you think the horse-shaped wreaths are hard to make, you can add equestrian items to ordinary wreaths and create an equestrian look For example, you can hang horseshoes, old bits, and stirrups in a wreath.)

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2. Horse Figures and Schleihs(Breyers): Let us guess! If you are an equestrian, you have some horse figurines or schleihs at home, right? Christmas is the perfect time for them to reveal themselves in the decorations. You can use some glitter or lace to make them match the shiny Christmas spirit. They can find their place around the Christmas tree or even on the feast table to show everyone that it is an Equestrian Christmas Feast.



3. Decorating The Stall Doors: Have you ever considered painting and decorating your horse’s stall door with washable paint and some shiny ornaments and make the barn decoration even more creative? No? You should give it a try this year and get some paint and brushes and ornaments! You can draw any winter or Christmas theme doodles on the door, paint it, and hang some decorations while your horse is enjoying the chilly time in the pasture. You can take some pictures of your artwork with your horse and spread some happy vibes. Once the season is over, you will be able to wash or wipe the paint.



4. Old Tack and Horseshoes: Believed to bring luck in many different nations, horseshoes can also make a great equestrian decoration item! You can paint the shoes with some bright spray paint and hang them wherever you like! Some old tack pieces that you no longer use can become handy this time. You can use them, especially at the barn to add some equine seasoning to your decoration! After a bit of cleaning and adding some ornaments, any old saddle can be a part of your decoration. You can also use old bridles and reins to hang some other ornaments on.



  • Horse Decorations

Yes, you read right! You can decorate your horse for Christmas if you are planning to let him join the celebrations. You may also consider a separate Christmas fun with your equestrian friends and barn buddies. 


1. Plait and decorate: To prepare your horse for Christmas celebrations, you can plait his mane and tail by adding some decorations among the hair and hanging some soft wreath around his neck.



2. Dress your horse up: Also, you can simply choose red, green, brown shade tack, and saddle pad sets. Christmassy fly bonnet, saddle pad, leg protection, and maybe a half blanket to protect your horse from cold can make your horse look like a part of the party. If you really want to make them stand out take a look at our SPARKLING SADDLE PAD SETS!



If you are planning to celebrate this day with equestrian friends, a small potluck feast at the barn can also bring extra joy. 

Overall, every Christmas is a great opportunity to finally escape from our stressful lives and spend quality time with our families and of course our horses! Keep in mind to enjoy every second of your holiday and strengthen the bonds with loved ones. Spread warmth and happiness.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 

Equestroom Team


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