Equestrian Resolutions


We all have goals and aspirations, things we have always dreamed of doing or hope we could experience at least once. As equestrians, our horses are in the middle of our lives and therefore, our dreams. We want to achieve our goals with them, experience new things with them, and, of course, discover new adventures with them. 

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on these goals and turn them into resolutions that will encourage you to make your dreams come true with your loyal companion. But where to start? Get a pen and paper, here are some ideas:

Start Simple

When setting your goals, try to be realistic and start with the simplest thing you can achieve. As you achieve them one by one, you will find the courage to make harder dreams come true. You can make a random list of all the ideas that come to your mind and organize them in order from the easiest to the hardest. 


Consider The Potential of Your Horse

Your horse is the main character in your 2023 chapter. Evaluate its condition and consider what its capabilities are. If you wish to achieve an equestrian goal that might be a bit too much for your horse, either change it to something more suitable or evaluate the options of trying it with another horse. Don’t push your horse to do something beyond its potential and avoid injuries.

Resolutions To Try This Year

  1. Ride at sunrise: While most equestrians love a relaxing sunset ride, why not try something different like a sunrise ride? Imagine witnessing nature come alive as the sun peeks over the horizon. Plus, the cooler temperatures of the morning will make the ride more comfortable for both you and your horse.

  2. Go on a trail ride with your bestie: That’s one of the best ways to strengthen your bonds with your horse and with your best friend.

  3. Try mounted games: Why not try playing polo or horseball? Or even horseback archery?

  4. Ride on the beach: Yeah the best time spending option to do with your horse in the summer! Swim on four legs yo!" to "Riding your horse at the beach is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, bond with your horse and it can help develop your riding skills as you navigate different terrain and obstacles.

  5. Help a beginner to learn horse riding: We were all beginners and some of us needed the courage to improve our riding skills. Shall we help new rider to find the courage they need this time?

  6. Ride tackless: If you have won the trust of your horse and you trust him/her as well, try to ride tackless. Maybe only with a neck rope. You will indeed will have a new experience.

  7. Jump with no hands: This one requires a lot of experience before achieving but with some practice and determination, there’s nothing impossible for a horse and rider!

  8. Stay on when your horse bucks: Another ultimate goal, yet not impossible! If you have a spooky horsey you may already be able to do this.

  9. Win a competition: We come! We compete! We win! Go get that prize!

  10.  Help to train a young horse: It’s always good to learn new things in the equine world. Breaking yearlings is one of them and learning how to train a young horse may be helpful in the future.

  11.  Train your horse to do some cool stuff: Spare some time to train your horse and impress your non-equestrian friends!

  12.  Watch a foal nurse: Isn’t it so cute to watch newborn foals trying to stand by themselves and nurse for the first time? It indeed is awesomely awesome! Don’t forget to take pictures!

  13.  Ride in the mountains: Risky but cool! Fresh mountain air and marvelous views… All with your horse… Discover the adventures waiting for you at the top of those hills!

  14.  Learn how to drive a horse carriage: Your horse may not be able to pull a cart but you can try it with some professional driving horses and learn from a professional driver.

  15.  Try vaulting at least once: Whether with your horse, or another proper horse, you can try vaulting and see if you are talented in this disciple. Even if you are not, this will be another experience in your journal!
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