Equestrian Style Christmas

Christmas is maybe the favorite holiday of many equestrians out there to spend more time with their horses and family. Nobody can say no to some quality time with family and horses to refreshen yourself. Riding on the snow-white fields and creating joyful memories with your horse and then having an amazing feast with all the family members… Yes, we know how good it fells! And we decided to share our ideas with you to prepare your own Equestrian Style X-mas! 

  • Decoration Ideas 

  • A good decoration is a must when you are celebrating Christmas. If you want to show your equestrian spirit in your Christmas decoration as well, there are many ways to do it. Here are our tips for an outstanding equestrian style decoration at home and at the barn:

    • Horse Shaped Wreaths: Just using usual materials you use for usual wreaths, you can create a horse-shaped or horsehead-shaped wreath to welcome your guests at the door. If you can’t make the shape yourself, you can use a print to stick the items on. The key point is to make it big so that it will be eye-catching. To make your horsehead-shaped wreath even cooler, you can add a real halter that you don’t need! 

    (As another tip, if you think the horse-shaped wreaths are a bit hard to make, you can add equestrian items to ordinary wreaths and get them look more “equestrian”. For example, you can use old bits in a wreath.)

    • Horse Figures and Schleihs(Breyers): Let us guess! If you are an equestrian, you have some horse figures or schleihs at home, right? Christmas is the perfect time for them to reveal themselves in the decoration. You can use some glitter or lace to make them match the Christmas spirit or use them as they are. They can find their place around the Christmas tree or even on the feast table to show everyone that it is an Equestrian Christmas Feast.

    • Horseshoes: Believed to bring luck in many different nations, horseshoes can also make a great equestrian design! You can paint and use the shoes you no longer need! Or just add some ornaments without painting! You can hang horseshoes to the Christmas tree or around some points you think it will look nice.   

    • Old Tack: Some old tack pieces that you don’t use can become handy this time. You can use them at home or at the barn to add some equine seasoning to your decoration! After a bit of cleaning and adding some ornaments, any old saddle can be a part of your decoration. You can also use old bridles and reins to hang some other ornaments on. 

    • Gift Wrapping: Equestrians need equestrian gifts! How about gifts that are wrapped in an equestrian style? You can use wrapping papers with horse prints or… Or you can get more creative and wrap your gifts using some real equine items such as leathers, bits, halters, competition ribbons, etc to get a much cozier decoration. They will be used just to wrap the packages and can return back to the barn after the packages are opened! 

  • Gift Ideas 

  • Whether for a beloved equestrian or for yourself, Christmas gifts make this holiday season even perfect! However, choosing the best gift for an equestrian is always a bit tricky, we get you! Especially when it is Christmas and you want to find a gift that will make your dear equestrian really happy, you may find yourself lost in thoughts to choose what to buy. We advise you to understand the needs and likes of that lucky person before deciding the gift. Here we have compiled some of our top gift ideas: 

    • Jewelry: This is the first thing that can come to your mind if you are planning a gift to a horsegirl. With the developing equestrian world, the equestrian jewelry sector has changed a lot and there are way more options today than there were in the past. Even real handmade horsetail bracelets are available! If you know your beloved horse crazy person well enough, you can easily find out which style of jewelry she would like. 

    • Horse Show Tickets: Horse Shows full of action and fun! After a quick online search, you can get your tickets to a nearby horse show. As they provide a high-quality activity to spend time and a chance for you to collect amazing memories with your beloved equestrian, this option can be the best idea for this Christmas. 

    • Health&Care Items: Everbody knows that affording a horse is sometimes pretty difficult and horse care items are generally expensive. You can choose to get a set of grooming tools, bathing set, or even leather care set for your dear equestrian. This way, you can save him/her from spending more money on horse care items for the new year. Which items to choose depends on your budget and his/her needs.

    • Equestrian Clothing: Equestrian fashion is developing enormously! The variety of styles is incredible! Therefore, especially a horse girl can never say no to a fashionable gift. Depending on the discipline that your beloved equestrian rides and depending on your budget, you can gift a riding helmet, a pair of riding gloves, breeches, boots, stylish socks, a belt, or a riding shirt.

    • Tack More Tack: It is no secret that an equestrian always needs new tack. Especially high-quality saddle pads and protection boots that represent a personal style can sometimes be the best present for both your horse-mad and his/her horse! Furthermore, many brands have Christmas sale offers during this season! Keep an eye on the sale offers to get the best items on a budget. When choosing the tack you will buy as a gift, make sure to choose a style that he/she will like and don’t forget to check the horse’s size! 

    If you think that you need more gift ideas, check our recent blog “Equestrian Gift Ideas”, or take a look at our sparkling tack collection

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