If you have landed on our blog, you must have an equestrian on your gift list! Either special occasion or the holiday season, we know that it is always tricky to find the perfect gift for an equestrian (unless your gift is a horse 😄). But worry no more! Equestroom Team is here with a Gift Guide to help you find that perfect gift within your budget.





1. Browbands

Browbands are one of the most simple yet elegant gifts that you can give to an equestrian. With dozens of designs, these small pieces can make a horse look like a king or queen! Just make sure to select a design and size that would fit the best! 


2. Fly Hats

No matter where you live, flies are the arch-nemesis of equestrians because they distract horses and sometimes even ruin the training! Fly hats that are made of soft fabric with a knitted base can protect the ears from flies and the team can focus on their riding. You can now see our unique fly hats collection and pick a color that your equestrian will love: 


3. Brushing Boots

Does your dear equestrian ride and exercise their horse often? Yes? Then, they definitely need some protection boots to protect their horses’ delicate ligaments during their training sessions. Take a look at our tendon boots that are designed to protect the tendons and ligaments with firm protective shells and soft faux fur padding: 

3. Bell Boots

Mainly preferred by dressage riders, these boots are designed to protect the front heels and hooves on horses. If you match them with the brushing boots, you can double the style and protection.

  • GIFTS UNDER $100

1. Saddle Pads

Sparkles or suede or velvet? All breathable and exclusive saddle pads are here to get into your gift box this year. They are designed with anatomical high wither line and padded with supportive cushions to provide extra comfort under the saddle. Take a look at unique Equestroom saddle pads that you cannot find anywhere else. Choose the correct size and shape to ensure the best fit and don’t forget to add a notecard to make your lucky equestrian smile. 

  • GIFTS UNDER $200

1. Saddle Pad Sets

How about collecting all the items and making a bundle of them in a single gift box? All the matchy matchy saddle pad sets are already packed for you and waiting to bring happiness to new riders and horses. Light colors or dark colors? The choice is yours and we guarantee, you will find a set that will be appreciated the most by your beloved equestrian. (You can also make your own bundles by adding different items separately to your cart.)



Need help with choosing the color, size, shape? Our team is here to help you pick the best! Contact us now by clicking on the best communication option in the bottom right corner. 



When you are a non-equestrian but trying to pick a gift for a crazy equestrian, it may look really confusing. We get you! You can also buy a unique gift card for them and let them pick their own gift from our online store. Check the gift cards here and offer them the unbeatable gift of this year! 


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