Equestroom's New Colorful Saddle Pads for English Riders

An Interview with the Equestroom  Designer


As the equestrian community eagerly anticipates the arrival of spring, Equestroom has delighted riders with the launch of their latest collection of colorful saddle pads. Featuring two enchanting hues, Azurine and Mimosa, these saddle pads promise to infuse a touch of whimsy and vibrancy into every ride. To uncover the inspiration behind these captivating colors and their significance in the equestrian world, we sat down with Equestroom's talented designer, Hilal Kucuk.

Equestroom’s Color Selection Process

Interviewer: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Equestroom?

Hilal: Thank you for having me. I'm thrilled to be here. As the color designer at Equestroom, my role involves curating and designing the color palette for our products, ensuring that they resonate with the spirit of equestrian customers and capture the essence of each season.


Inspiration for Equestroom’s Spring Color Line

Interviewer: What inspired you to create the colors Azurine and Mimosa for Equestroom's new saddle pad collection?

Hilal: Both Azurine and Mimosa were inspired by the beauty and vitality of spring. Azurine, a soft blue with a holographic shimmer, evokes the tranquil essence of clear skies and serene waters. Mimosa, on the other hand, is a vibrant yellow reminiscent of blooming flowers and the radiant warmth of the sun. These colors were chosen to embody the rejuvenating spirit of spring and infuse riders with a sense of joy and optimism after what was for some a long winter!

Interviewer: Fascinating! Can you elaborate on the feelings and emotions each color evokes, based on color theory, and why they are perfect choices for equestrians?

Hilal: Certainly! Azurine, with its calming blue tones and holographic shimmer, elicits feelings of serenity, clarity, and freedom. It symbolizes the boundless horizons of adventure that await riders and their horses, instilling a sense of tranquility and confidence in their journey together. Mimosa, on the other hand, radiates warmth, energy, and vitality. Its vibrant yellow hue embodies the spirit of optimism, renewal, and growth, inspiring riders to embrace new challenges and pursue their dreams with enthusiasm and zest.


How to Incorporate Colorful Saddle Pad Spring Colors into Your Equestrian Style

Interviewer: How do you envision riders incorporating these colors into their equestrian wardrobe and accessories?

Hilal: Both Azurine and Mimosa offer endless possibilities for riders to express their unique style and personality. Whether they choose to coordinate their saddle pads with boots and fly hats in Equestroom’s matching saddle pad sets or mix and match them with complementary colors, these hues can elevate any equestrian ensemble. From dressage arenas, trail rides, to cross-country courses, Azurine and Mimosa add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to every ride, making a bold statement while staying true to the timeless elegance of equestrian fashion.


Horse Colors that Go Best With Colorful Saddle Pads

Interviewer: What horse colors do you think will go the best with Azurine and Mimosa?

Hilal:  Although these colors are bold at Equestroom we also try to ensure that our colors are compatible with most horse colors, Mimosa and Azurine would of course be gorgeous on horses with coats that are black, paints, grays or dark bays, While Azurine would also look great on Chestnuts. You can also take our color quiz to learn more about coordinating colors with your horse.


Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your insights with us. We're sure riders will be eager to explore the enchanting world of Azurine and Mimosa with Equestroom's new saddle pad collection.

Hilal: It was my pleasure. I'm excited to see how riders embrace these colors and embark on their own springtime adventures with Equestroom's latest creations and as a reminder when they do please be sure to tag us so we can follow along on the adventure.  


As the equestrian community eagerly anticipates the arrival of spring, Equestroom's new saddle pad collection promises to infuse every ride with a touch of whimsy and vibrancy. With Azurine and Mimosa leading the way, riders can embark on their own springtime adventures with confidence, style, and a renewed sense of joy.

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