Equine Photography Ideas

Photography Ideas With Your Horse

If you are an equestrian, you probably are interested in equine photography. Either for social media or just to keep as memories, we all love to take pictures of our horses! But, how to catch the happiest moments like a professional? We have some tips for you to look more professional in your photos with your horse.
  • Preparation

To take better photos, preparation is the first step. Take your time to make a list of the things you should do before, during, and after the shooting. Also, note down the poses you want to shoot so that you won’t miss any of them. 

Before arriving at the barn, prepare the equipment you need to take with you and clean the lenses of your camera. 

Before starting the shooting, remember to give your horse a good grooming session to get his coat shiny and clean the tack if you want to use any tack in the shooting. 


9 Equine Photography Ideas 

Are you done with the preparations? Then, let’s get into the shooting ideas from our favorite influencers and photographers on Instagram!


1. Portraits

Shooting horse portraits are a common way to show off the beautiful face details of your horse. Especially if your horse has facial markings, you should definitely consider taking photos of that gorgeous face. 

Solo’s beauty enhanced by the black background
Modeling: @nicolabyamcook - Photography: @sophielefevrephotography

When shooting portraits, you can also create a dark background by using a dimmer area behind the horse. If you want to take the photos outside, use the portrait mode to highlight the horse’s face and blur the background. You can do the same with the rider. 

2. Action 

Amber and J’adore clearing another jump

Modeling: @amber_steenackers  Photography: @paardenfotografie_helena_massa

Taking photos in motion is quite tricky but when it comes to horses, that is the best way to reveal their elegance in motion. You can either let your horse run free in the pasture and take photos or find someone to take your photos while you are riding. For showjumpers, jumping shoots are the best action shots. For dressage riders, extended trot, pirouette, or collected canter can be great ideas. 


Laura and Sweet Gentle trotting in style

Modeling: @laura_degraeve - Photography: @marylineverstraetenphotography 

If you decide to take action photos while riding, pay attention to your posture, and determine from which angle you want the photos to be taken. You can take photos of the motion from left or right, front or back. Consider which angle will make the action look more vivid in the photo.

3. Background


The background you choose for your photos plays a huge part in the impression it gives. In summer, we recommend taking some time to choose a green pasture or somewhere covered with flowers to take impressive photos. If possible, you can also try the seaside. In winter, snow-covered fields make the perfect background for equine photography.



Andrea and Hamster looking just perfect in green

Modeling: @horse_glam - Photography: @shannensmythphotography


4. Detail Shoot

Horses are walking wonders and each detail of their body has another magical effect. Photographers love to take photos of hooves, ears, tail, mane, muzzle, and eyes. You can give a try to each different detail and see how it looks.


Solo’s ears and eyes giving him an innocent look

Modeling: @nicolabyamcook - Photograph: @sophielefevrephotography


Besides, trying to take photos of the tack details is another idea in equine photography. Stirrups, browband, boots, and the saddle pad can be creative detail shots.

Valeria in black and Agata in lavender

Photo by: @v_equinelife


5. Lower Angle

Taking photos from a lower angle can make the horse look bigger and the rider more confident. The photographer can kneel down to keep the camera lower and catch the best shot while the rider looks up in a confident position in the saddle. With a good light on the model rider and horse, the result can be splendid!

You can try this shooting while standing:

Valeria and Agata, the confident girls!

Photo by: @v_equinelife


Or in motion:

Lotte and Cambaron galloping like the wind

Modeling: @lottexcami - Photography: @amberkleianfotografie



6. Walking Side by Side

Horses are our teammates that carry us to success. They do great work carrying us and giving us their best, but we should also learn how to walk side by side with them.

Naomi and Storm walking together

Modeling: @haflinger_storm_naomi - Photography: @alinaniemaphotography



Taking some pictures of you walking side by side with your horse can demonstrate your bond and make some cute memories to keep in an album.


7. Look Back

Astrid and Sofia Hit smiling at Helena’s camera

Modeling: @astrid_rombaut - Photography: @paardenfotografie_helena_massa 

We always say “Never look back!”, but you should definitely look back to pose to the camera! If the photographer can catch good light and angle, photos taken from the behind of the horse and rider will turn into brilliant shots for your collection.



8. Hugs & Love & Affection

The most effective way to show your bond with your horse in a photo is maybe by taking loveful hugging photos together. We all love giving hugs to our loyal giant-hearted friends. If you can catch a good angle, make sure to get some photos of yourself hugging or kissing your horse.

Naomi and Storm giving some poses full of love

Modeling: @haflinger_storm_naomi - Photography: @alinaniemaphotography


9. Matching Style

When you decide to take photos of yourself with your horse, dressing matchy gives the photo a different harmony and makes it look even. You can select a saddle pad set that matches your horse’s coat color and get dressed in a matching color yourself.

Kaylie and Frosty rocking Deep Sapphire Set

Modeling: @the_little_equestrian


Need some matchy tack for your next photoshoot? Check our online catalog!



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