Why Fall Is The Best Season For Horses and Riders


No matter if you call it autumn or fall, this is the season for every equestrian to fall for! We all like summer for being able to ride our horses for longer hours. However, real equestrians know the magic of fall. When you feel the slightly crispy winds on your face in the paddock, you know the best season is just around the corner. 

“There will be orange leaves and rain. Is that the whole magic?”, you might think. Of course, NO! Grab a cup of hot tea and join us while we remind you of several reasons to love and appreciate every minute of this perfect season.  

  • Competitions Are Over, Time To Take A Break

    Phew, competitions are coming to an end. We know that all of you worked hard. Some of you have attended more than one competition this summer. Take a deep breath and let yourself and your horse relax. Fall is here to help you get some rest before the winter kicks in. Appreciate the achievements - big or small - you had during the summer. Even though you still need to keep training regularly, you can take short breaks from training sessions now, and do fun things!

  • No More Sweaty Days But Not Freezing Yet 

    Let’s admit it, equestrian apparel is not really good for hot summer days. Long boots, all the leather, and those helmets… The sweat is probably the worst thing we all have to deal with during the summer. But hey, fall is here now! Crispy fall winds are already whispering that there won’t be sweaty days for quite a while. Enjoy it while you can! 

  • Flies Be Gone! 

    Do you hear that? No more buzzing creatures! May they be gone. 

    Flies have been bugging us more than enough during the whole summer. We know, you have been experiencing the same problem. Thankfully, they will be gone as the temperatures drop in fall. You can stop worrying about the amount of fly spray you use every day. Instead, focus on the moment with your horse. 

  • Fluffy Cuteness And Clipping 

    Once the horses start to grow their thick winter coat, they definitely become the cutest giant fur balls in the whole universe. If you are not planning to go for long rides this fall, you can allow your horse to have its winter coat and have fun with all the fluff. If your horse will work and sweat, make sure to clip the extra hair. But, clipping can turn into a fun activity! Get creative with those hindquarters and give your horse a harmless marking. 

  • Rides After School, Oh Yeah! 

    Thanks to vaccinations and precautions, schools are reopening in many countries. If you are a student and an equestrian simultaneously, the last class will again turn into an eternal one. The last ring will mean running to your horse. On the bright side, the barn is the best place to get rid of all the stress that you are exposed to during the day. Your horse will be waiting for you in its stall. Go! Maybe even try a short hack for the extra fun of it. 

  • Hacking In Crispy Fall Weather

    Speaking of hacks, the fall is the best season for all sorts of hacking! No flies, no dust, no more boiling heat, and no more disturbing sun rays. Instead, fall hacks offer a bunch of perfect conditions such as perfect weather - not too hot but not too cold either -, softer terrain, slightly crispy wind on your cheeks, and the magical landscapes filled with all the shades of yellow, orange, and red. What are you waiting for? Tack up, and off you trot away on your hacking trail. 

  • Fall Photoshoots Hit Different

    Haven’t you scheduled a photoshoot with your photographer yet? If not, you should! The photoshoots with the fall landscapes in the background look absolutely like a fairy tale. Put on some brown, burgundy, or dark green outfit and select a location. No matter if you have a grey, chestnut, black, or even a paint horse. You two will look beautiful while creating unforgettable memories. 

  • Halloween Fun

    Halloween, the last but the most important reason to love not only October but the whole season! Creativity is the key to make the most out of Halloween. You can gather some friends from your barn and throw a party or costume contests including the horses and the ponies! 

    At Equestroom, Halloween is our favorite time of the year. We love to come up with creative designs for this specific time of year. Stay tuned to find out what is coming up for Halloween 2021. 

  • Treat Your Horse With A Brand-New Set 

    Are you ready to rock the season with your four-legged bestie? So is EQUESTROOM! 


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