Holloween, the best time for some real fun, is around the corner. Only a few weeks left to start the party! 

For horse addicts, like us, even Halloween is at its best when spent with horses! So why not to count horses in the Halloween party this year? If you haven’t made your Halloween plans yet, here are some ideas for you:

Halloween Horse Shows:

In recent years, many barns and equestrian centers have started organizing Halloween shows with riders and horses. At these annual shows, you can enjoy watching - or attending- competitions in different disciplines and also a huge “Horse&Rider Costume Contest”. Whether you are a rider or not, a party full of spookily dressed horses can cheer anyone up. 

To find a Halloween horse show, you can check the barns and clubs close to your location.

DIY Halloween Party At Barn:

If you can’t find a good Halloween Horse Show around, no worries, you can create your own! In a traditional way! You can call your barn friends, get some ideas together and decorate your barn, prepare snacks, dress the horses and let the party begin! Where to start? Here you go:

1. Decoration: Decorating your barn or stalls for Halloween can be a really fun activity to do with friends. -Horses may not like it at first.- You can check online for some DIY decoration ideas and use them for the barn instead of your house to turn the barn into a spooktacular place for the party

2. Snacks: If you think you like cooking, then it’s the best time to show your skills. You can prepare the best snacks at home and bring them to your barn to make the party more fun. -Don’t forget to get some extra snacks for the horses.-

3. Costumes: Can you imagine a Halloween party without costumes? We cannot! Costume ideas depend on your imagination. You can come up with great ideas when you have your friends to help. You can also clip your horse’s coat in a spooky way before the party if he has grown his winter coat already. For example, you can clip around the hips or shoulders creating a spider web pattern. (Not sure if you should or shouldn’t clip your horse? Click here to check our blog about horse clipping tips.)

4. Games: Do you remember the fun games you played in Halloween when you were little? Let’s bring the spirit back and adjust the games to horseback! Such as you can play “bobbing apples” or “snapping apples” with your horses or “spooky spoons” on horseback. You can create some other fun games that can be played with horses. Halloween is all about some spooky creativity, after all.


5. Additions: Depending on your fun time preferences, you can add many other things like music or storytime.

        When you think everything is ready, you can even invite your non-equestrian friends to show them how we have fun! 

        Spootrooky Trail Ride:

        Again, you can come together with your friends and pick a trail you wanna ride together. To make it spooky -depending on your and your horse’s nerves- you can share the areas on the track and everyone can set up a fun trap on the track to spook others before you start riding. To make it even more spooky, you can choose to ride at dawn or twilight. You can also prepare some dreadful stories to tell each other on the trail. (-Better ride a calm horse to do this.-)

        Happy Spooky Halloween Already! 

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