10 Barn Hacks That Every Equestrian Should Know


As equestrians, our lives are already full of challenges and we spend quite much time and money on our horses. However, with some simple tips, you can save money and time for yourself! We have compiled 10 practical DIY barn hacks that will help you save not only money but also time and effort.


1. Avoid Snowballs in Hooves

When the paddock is covered with snow but you still need to let the horses out for grazing or ride on the snow, you can try to apply some hoof dressing/conditioner under the hooves to avoid having snowballs in them. This will save you from wasting time for cleaning snow and dirt from the hooves and keep them safer.


2. Organizing Halters and Ropes

Are your halters and leading ropes getting tangled all the time? Here is a quite cheap tip for you to save money and organize them! Try getting a few simple over the door hangers and find a suitable place in the barn to hang them. Then you can organize all the halters as you like and avoid getting them tangled!


3. Quick Drying for Saddle Pads

We all prefer washing cotton saddle pads in the washing machine and then drying them in the dryer as it takes an extremely long time for them to fully dry. Even in the dryer, some thick padded saddle pads can take a long time. Yet, you can put a few dry towels into the dryer with your wet saddle pads. This will shorten the duration and save you some time.

4. Washing Your Polo Wraps

Do you like using colorful polo wraps? We like them too! They are quite easy to use and they can be washed in a washing machine, but when you take them out of the machine you may see that they are a bit dreaded and tangled. To avoid this, you can use a lingerie bag and have your wraps clean and straight as they should be.


5. Baby Diapers For Almost Anything

Having baby diapers at the barn is already a commonly-known hack to us all and it is proven to be useful in many situations. You can use a baby diaper to wrap up a hoof when you need, or as a bandage when there’s a wound that you need to cover asap. Also, when they are wet and frozen, they can turn into DIY ice wraps and can be used on your horse’s legs, especially on the knees or fetlocks. Size 5 diapers seem to be the best for an average horse but you may need another size according to the hoof and leg size of your horse.


6. Oil The Coat Before Clipping

Clipping your horse can sometimes be disastrous. Even though you wash and dry your horse before clipping, some thick hair blocking the clippers can make your work harder and you might find yourself covered in horse hair when you have finished. To make the clipper blades slide through easier, you can use some coat conditioner or grooming oil on the areas you will clip. Since the hairs will be slippery, you can clip faster and avoid having horse hair all around you. (If you feel like you need more tips about clipping, check out our horse clipping tips here.)


7. Easy Bathing

Does your horse need to be bathed often? We know that rinsing the horse coat after shampooing can take quite a lot of time and you may feel like you are wasting the water. To save time and water, you can grab a sweat scraper and scrape all the excessive water and shampoo. Once you get rid of the excessive shampoo, rinsing the coat will be much quicker and easier.

8. Hot Towels For Cleaning

As it’s winter, fluffy winter coat can cause some problems when you try to clean your horse and you may end up spending more effort. You can try some hot towels to wipe off the coat and clean your horse without worrying about the cold. You can use any small and soft towel with some hot water to dampen it. To heat the water, the easiest way is to use a kettle in a safe spot of the barn. 


9. Breaking The Boots 

That annoying feeling when you are wearing new exercise boots for the first time… You are not alone guys, we know how it feels! To make the breaking and molding process easier and faster for your new leather boots, you can simply dampen the inside of the boots before you wear them. The wet feeling can annoy your feet too but it will soften the leather and your boots will be more comfortable in a short time.


10. Shop Online

Busy equestrian life between your barn, school/work, home… It can even get harder to find enough time to go shopping! Worry no more! Online equestrian boutiques are up and running to help you save time. You can shop anywhere, anytime for any tack or clothing item and get it delivered to your address. Furthermore, following the sale offers online can help you save some money instead of wasting it on more expensive apparel at a tack shop. 



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