Equestrian Color Coordination Guide or How to Find A Perfect Matchy tack For Your Horse

In the continuously developing equestrian world of the 21st century, “equestrian fashion” is no longer a new term. You must have seen many professional riders with matching saddle pads, bandages/boots and fly veils with matching clothes of the newest fashion.

Mtachy Saddle Pad Set


You wonder how they catch the best matchy look making them stand out and grab the attention, the answer is simple: “colors”. Choosing the best color for the horse and the rider creates a majestic look and, therefore, a perfect impression.

Here comes the real question: “How can you choose the best color of gears for your beloved horsey?” We got you covered! In this article, we help you.



About choosing colors, we can say that there are principles. Principles of colors… Just like the ones that art students learn in their first courses. You need to know the harmony of colors before choosing a tack set for your horse. Remember these tips:

1- Contrast colors look the best together as they highlight each other, or if you don’t want to get highlighted, try a monochromatic look by choosing similar colors to your horse’s coat.

2- If it is getting difficult to match the tacks with your outfit, choose a third matching color.

3- Check the sets sorted by colors to make sure parts of the tacks are matching.


Color Coordination


After the first tips, let us tell you more about color coordination:


Whites / Greys

Those with grey horses out there, you guys are lucky. You can be sure that your horse will rock the color of your choice. Just take a look at the contrasting before you make your choice.

We all agree that grey horses look the best in dark colors. Don’t prefer light or neutral colors as these will blend in. We can advise some matte dark colors such as charcoal black or navy blue, as well as some dark and glittery colors.


Equestrian Color Coordination Guide



Dark handsome babies, the black horses! Just like greys, black horses can carry almost all the colors, but they look the best in light colors which are in contrast to their coat.

You can try light pastels or light vibrant colors, or even if you really want to get highlighted, neon colors. Also, white is always acceptable.


Equestrian Color Coordination GuideEquestrian Color Coordination Guide

Chestnuts & Bays

Two probably the most common horse coats. Bays can suit a lot of colors but pay attention to the red amount of the coat. You can choose a light color or a light pastel color or maybe an icy color for a bay or a dark bay.  

Chestnuts, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky to dress with the correct color. Try to use deeper and richer colors, avoid light shades of red. Blues, emerald or mint greens can complete the chestnut coats.


Equestrian Color Coordination Guide




For our cute palomino friends, you can prefer some dark shades, maybe pins or dark greys. Similar colors to the coat such as yellow, champagne, beige, orange can be a misstep. They have enough of these colors.


Equestrian Color Coordination Guide



Just like palominos, they pull off the pastels and burgundies. Just believe in your instincts and choose a color you think will highlight your horse regarding the contrast color principles.


Skewbald & Piebalds & Appaloosas

Of course, we didn’t forget our colorful buddies. You can think like their coats. Mix it! For example, if you have a skewbald you can think as a mix of grey and chestnut.

The colors which look good on a chestnut or grey can look good on a skewbald, the colors which look good on a black or grey can look good on a piebald. You can make your choice considering the number of colors and markings.


Also one last tip from us: before buying something for you or your horse, you need to know yourself and your horse well enough to decide what kind of style or colors you really like. Trust your intuition. Fashion is supposed to make you feel better after all.

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Equestrian Color Coordination Guide


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