Equestrian Girl’s Tips and Tricks


There are tons of riding tips floating around the internet, but no one is really covering the beauty and care topic for women and girls who happen to be equestrians.



Messy ponytail, chipped nail polish and the barn smell following you after every barn visit. Sounds familiar, right?


In this article, I would like to share with you several tips that I use myself as an equestrian girl! These tips will help you always look 100% even if you spend most of the time at the barn.




1) Always wear a sports bra for your training! Equestrian sports involve a lot of “jumpiness” and even if your breasts are not big, it's better to make sure they don’t lose shape when you are older!



2)  Wash your face after the ride! There is a lot of dust in horse riding clubs. To avoid clogged pores and acne don't forget to wash your face after every ride! Another option can be makeup remover wipes (like Neutrogena).



3) Don’t overtrain on your period! A little movement is always good, but don't push yourself too much if you don’t feel like it! It’s a good time to relax with your horse - for example, walk bareback!


4) Set your goals! Determine by how much you would like to improve this month/week/year! How much training would it require? Set realistic goals and think positive!


5) Best Foods you can eat after the training is protein and veggies! Horse riding makes you burn a lot of calories, but don’t consume them all back by eating, for example, simple sugars and junk food (if you are trying to lose/maintain a healthy weight).

7) Always have a healthy snack with you, for example, a protein bar or some nuts. This will prevent you from overeating when you come back home hungry after the barn. If you are doing a lot of physical work at the barn a little snack will help you keep your blood sugar stable!

6) It’s always good to warm up before the riding! You can use elastic bands and do some squats to start the blood flowing for a better performance! Don't forget to do a little stretch after your training to avoid swollen muscles

7) It’s easier to keep your nails short! I am a big fan of long nails, however - it’s not very practical to ride with them as you always worry about breakage! Another thing - gel nail polish is a lifesaver! It never peels off even if you groom your horse every day!


9) Braid your hair. This seriously helps to avoid “barn smell” which is oftentimes hard to get rid of, especially from hair.


10) Use dry shampoo! That thing has seriously changed my life! If you ride every day with a helmet, your hair gets oily pretty quickly! And it’s a struggle to wash it every day. Spraying the dry shampoo will refresh your hair, give extra volume and nice smell as a bonus :D I swear the hair looks fresh and clean as if I just washed them! My favorite brand is “Batiste”


11) For the summertime, I recommend using micellar water to refresh your face! Just spray a little on a hot day and it works like magic! You can buy a small bottle and keep it in your horse riding bag/drawer. It will last you for a while!


12) And, of course, colorful tack! Bold and matchy tack will guarantee you a great mood for every training! For us, equestrians, keeping the horse good-looking is as (if not more) important then looking good ourselves! Check out these cheeky glitter saddle pad sets

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