7 Equestrian Lifehacks For This Spring

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For us equestrians, spring is a time to shake off the winter doldrums and embrace the beauty of nature with our equine companions. However, with the beauty of spring comes its own set of challenges, including muddy pastures, pesky insects, horses shedding hair everywhere and unpredictable weather.
In this blog post, we'll provide you with seven lifehacks to make these challenges more manageable so that you can enjoy the season with your horse.

1. Shedding and Coat Management

We all know that spring is here when our horses start losing the extra floof from their winter coat and growing a fresh summer coat. While the horse hair will get everywhere on your clothes and tack, it is important to make sure your horse is healthy and comfortable while shedding. Remember to groom at least once a day with proper curry combs and shedding blades. Try to go for clothes that don’t get too much static and prefer saddle pads that don’t get too much hair sticking underneath. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR TOP QUALITY SADDLE PADS

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2. Waterproof Equipment and Outerwear

Spring is notorious for its unpredictable weather. The struggle is especially real when you are out on a trail ride or a hack and the rain starts pouring down. Remember to keep your leather gear protected from the rain.
Keep all leathers conditioned and maintained well. You can also get a saddle cover to avoid getting your saddle wet.
And of course, don’t forget to invest in a good waterproof jacket or long sleeve shirt for yourself too! 

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3. Fly Protection

As the weather warms up, so do the bugs. Flies will soon be swarming around the barn and the pastures to annoy your four-legged buddy. Consider using a good quality fly spray regularly to keep your horse comfortable.
A light fly sheet can also help protect from pesky flies and insects. You can also use a fly mask with good UV and fly protection if your horse spends more time in turnout during spring. We also have some stylish fly hats to keep your horse’s ears safe from flies on your rides! CHECK THEM OUT

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4. Keep Your Pastures Muddy-Free

All those refreshing spring rains will mean one thing around the barn: MUD. One way to keep your pastures from turning into a muddy mess is to use gravel or sand in high traffic areas.
This will help keep the mud at bay and make turnout time more enjoyable for your horse. Additionally, make sure to clean your horse's hooves regularly to prevent any mud-related injuries and infections.

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5. Removing Stains from Your Horse's Coat

All the mud and spring grass will eventually mean a lot of stains on your horse’s coat. Especially if that is a grey horse you have! Remember to give your horse regular baths to prevent the dirt from building up on the skin.
You can brush with a curry comb first and then use stain removing shampoos and different water pressure to make it easier. Some purple shampoos are also very effective on grey horses to give them a shiny effect. If you are using a coat care product for the first time, make sure to spot test the product on a small area of your horse's coat first and follow the instructions carefully.

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6. Monitor Your Horse's Diet

Pasture grass is back! Even though we love the green meadows full of fresh grass and our horses love to graze and munch on the grass, they can be at risk for overeating and developing digestion issues. Make sure to monitor your horse's diet and adjust their feed accordingly. You can also consider using slow feeders in the stalls or grazing muzzles in the pasture if they are fast eaters.

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7. Plan for Horse Shows in Advance

Spring is a popular time for equestrian events like horse shows and trail rides. Make sure to plan ahead and register early for any events you're interested in attending. This will help you avoid missing out on the fun and ensure that you're fully prepared. For extra tips for horse show preparations, check out our blog post: TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL HORSE SHOW

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Spring is a season of new beginnings and with these seven lifehacks, you can make the most of it. By keeping the hassle a bit less focusing on the time you spend with your horse you can enjoy it even more and get in tune with nature. 

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