Horse Show Prep Checklist

Horse Shows are always very exciting - no matter the riding level! Even experienced riders can feel very nervous before the show… There going to be lots of people watching, including your riding instructor who has certain expectations from you! Or your friends and family who will be watching closely...



It’s okay to be a little anxious, but make sure you prepare everything beforehand! On the show day, you want to focus on your mental state and riding performance - not on cleaning your tack for example!

In this article we have prepared a horse show checklist for you, so nothing gets out of control because of the nerves!!



  1. Your Horse. Make sure your Horse’s coat is shining! Shiny coat can be achieved with proper nutrition and.. Coat spray!

  2. Trim your horse beforehand, so it doesn’t bother you on the show day.

  3. The tack needs to be clean and conditioned, the bit and your spurs should be polished and your attire should be clean! Prepare those things at least the day before the show!

  4. Make sure the saddle pad fits well and doesn't bother your horse. Read “how to fit the saddle pad” here .

  5. Braid your horse’s mane and tail! It's better to do it at least 3-4 hours before the show, so you don't feel rushed.

  6. Make sure your stirrups are polished, not dull or rusty.

  7. Wipe your horse’s mouth before entering the ring.

  8. Always have a little wipe with you. White tack and your clothes can accidentally get dirty. Have the cleaning supply handy to remove the dirt immediately!

  9. Prepare your horse's food and water. Shows are often stressful areas for horses (with all the other horses and people present), it is important to try to keep as normal of a feed schedule as possible.

  10. Have those horse treats handy! It can reduce your horse’s stress level before the show.

  11. Make sure you don't forget those small things like gloves, spurs, and whip! They are the easiest ones to be left.


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  • Sofia Concordia

    Thanks so much for having this checklist on line I find that it helps me when i have a checklist. I have two horses show back to back this weekend and I will definitely use this checklist!

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