How and when to use a jumping bet?

A jumping bat is a very short crop, often less than two feet long, and with a larger flapper than normal crops. Jumping bat is very similar to the normal crop but much shorter.




Jumping bat is used only in the jumping show or when training jumpers. It is used as a signal to teach, remind or encourage the horse to properly 'tuck' its front end.



Jumping bats are great for correcting horse’s shoulder while jumping. Also, it's a great solution if the horse is spooky or very sensitive to spurs or longer whips. A slight tap on the shoulder/would be very effective as a signal to speed up.



Jumping bats are small and light, which makes them very easy to carry. They will not distract/freak out the horse while jumping.



When you are in a “forward” position it is a lot easier to tap your horse on the shoulder to give a correction than carry a long whip and tap behind.



Overall, using a jumping bat can be more gentle towards the horse, as it is not used to constantly “tackle” the horse. Use jumping bat by slightly tapping to correct the shoulder position or rarely in “emergency” situations, when you realize that horse might stop in front of the obstacle.

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