Tips To Find The Breeches That Suit You Perfectly

We, equestrian girls, know that finding the perfect pair of breeches is always tricky. We want to look stylish and feel comfy in high quality long lasting breeches. But then, that baggy feeling after wearing only once,  itchy legs during your ride, sweating in that non-breathable material, and the price, of course… 

In this article, we have compiled some tips for you to help you find your perfect breeches.

Consider your riding discipline

Before going to shop breeches, it’s important to consider the discipline that you ride. Do you ride hunting/jumping? Do you ride formal dressage? What about cross country and eventing? Or maybe you can just prefer riding casually. Whichever discipline you prefer, you should understand how you spend your time in the saddle and purpose of the breeches that you want. For hunters/jumpers, it is a good decision to choose breeches with knee grips but for dressage riders, it is better to go with full seat grip.


Determine your body type

All of our shapes, sizes, and curves are unique to every woman. Each woman is beautiful with her own body shape. Determining the type of your body can help you to decide which stitching you need. Wider hips and thinner waist or wider waist and thinner hips or maybe both equal size… If you want to look your best, you should take these into consideration when choosing breeches to avoid that baggy feeling and get your beautiful curves highlighted.


Check the material

When it comes to the health of your skin, it is vital to choose the correct material of breeches. Equestrians spend a lot of time in the saddle and around the stables to practice, practice and practice… Therefore, they spend quite a lot of time in riding clothes. Even if you have an allergy or not, some unhealthy clothing materials can harm your skin and cause an itchy feeling and make you sweat a lot which would mean getting annoyed in the saddle.

One other importance of the material is flexibility. To enjoy every second of the ride and perform your best, the material of your breeches must provide total freedom to move. It is better to check the material rations of breeches before you decide to buy. Especially for summer, cotton+spandex breathable breeches are the best choices.


Grips and Waistline

Well, slipping in the saddle because of your pants is frustrating and sometimes dangerous. Because of that, selecting the correct type of grip on your breeches is another necessary element. In the past, the only grip material was leather, but now there are several other materials such as silicone. Choosing the grip is really up to you. it depends on how "shaky" your horse is, as well as the discipline that you perform. For Dressage riders, we recommend full-silicone seat and for other knee, grip works fine as well.



The waistline is another important factor in breeches. We move quite much on the horse and change one position to another. A high waistline can provide you the comfort for riding as you like on your horse. If you feel like it, you can choose a normal waistline, but we don’t advise lower than normal.


We invite you to take a look at Equestroom Breeches. They've got everything you need for perfect riding pants!

  • Comfortable and soft materials and stitching
  • No stretching out/no baggy feeling
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  • Glute enhcasing back stitching  

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  • Angela MacLeod

    Do you have girls, apparel and boots in another section of your link? I’ve been looking and haven’t been able to find the proper riding boots for Canadian weather.

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