How to pick a perfect saddle pad that really fits your horse?

There are so many saddle pad models out there.. And even as an experienced rider I am sometimes questioning myself: does this saddle pad really fit my horse?

So what are the most important criteria for choosing the right one?
In this post I am gonna be talking primarily about English saddles as I have more experience with them.

These are some of the most important tips:

  • Saddle Pad should be large enough to cover the Saddle area to protect the back from unnecessary tension.

  • There should be enough space between horse`s wither and the top of the pad, so you can fit fingers of your one hand underneath the wither and thepads top.

  • Ideally you should pick the good quality 100% cotton saddle pads. Think of it like choosing the sports wear for yourself. It should be breathable, so I don`t recommend buying saddle pads that are made out of synthetic materials.

  • Saddle Pad should have enough cushion filler inside, you it can absorb hammering movements of the rider and make it more comfortable for the horse.


When we were creating our saddle pads the first criteria to meet was comfort and quality. All our saddle pads are 100% made of high-quality breathable cotton. Each model has the high top, which makes them fit even really high-wither horses.

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