You have been probably wondering why horses need so much extra equipment. All those pads, boots, gels and other smart tools… Whether you are a professional show-jumper or just took a couple lessons of riding, you are putting some stress on horse’s legs by just trotting.


Here is how it works. Think of a horse as a professional super endurance athlete, who is running and at the same time carrying some weight. Sounds pretty grueling, right? So what exactly horse leg protection does?


  1. Prevents legs from swelling after the training.

  2. Protects legs from muscle and tendon strains.

  3. Protects legs from internal injuries (boots decrease the chance of internal injuries.

  4. ..as well as external injuries of course, like hitting the objects while jumping, or rocks while running.

  5. Don’t forget about the hind legs! Studies have shown that horses who wear only front boots tend to put more weight on their upper body than the ones who don't wear any protection at all!

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