When it comes to creating a good impression with a horse, grooming is an important component. If the horse is well-groomed, it shows the professionalism of the barn and the rider and health situation of the horse.



 Most of the equestrians already know the basics of grooming and each one can have their own grooming techniques. But how do you   get your horse healthy and shiny?

Tip 1: A shiny coat comes from the inside and shows the horse’s health. Therefore, you should pay close attention to their nutritional intake before grooming.

Make sure your horse is fed quality food besides any suggested supplements. Omega-3 is necessary for horse’s diet to get a shiny coat.



Tip 2: You can bathe your horse time to time but do not over bathe your horse, especially with too much soapy water or shampoos. Just like human skin, their skin is quite sensitive.

Oily shampoos and different soaps may cause a dry and dull coat. Avoid bathing too often or too long.


Tip 3: Hooves are as much important as the coat to get a shiny and healthy look. They should be checked and picked every day, not only when the horse is going to be ridden.


By checking your horse’s hooves every day, you can recognize the problems that require attention such as a loose shoe or health problems that may require a vet check.

Checking the hooves before riding may prevent you from riding if there is an urgent problem.

Tip 4: In addition to daily hoof care, it also is important to curry your horse every day to achieve a fascinating coat.

Currying loosens shedding hair and dirt from the skin, stimulates the muscles, and spreads horse’s natural skin oil which creates a shiny look on the coat. Use your curry comb in a circular motion and avoid using it on bony areas if the curry comb is hard or inflexible.



You can use a soft and flexible one gently on the legs. When you finish currying, brush the dirt off with a stiff brush.

Always brush front to back, top to bottom in the direction the hair grows. For the mane and tail, prefer a wide tooth comb, and start combing from the bottom.

Tip 5: Beauty is hidden in details... To make sure you won’t miss the details don’t forget to clean your horse’s face, ears, eyes, and nostrils.

Simply get a dampened soft sponge or a soft cloth and gently wipe these areas.

You can also use some baby oil to get these areas even cleaner and shiny. Always keep the sponge or the cloth clean to avoid an infectious problem.



Grooming is more than just brushing the horse. It requires knowledge, attention, and care.

It does not only make the coat shine and improve the health but it also helps the rider and horse spend time together and create a stronger bond.

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