Tips for Falling Safely

Show me an equestrian that hasn't fallen once and I would not believe you! We ALL fall. At least once… Especially during the first two years of riding falling is almost unavoidable..

Experienced riders fall too! Most often with a horse..

So is there a way to fall safely? Can you protect yourself from injuries when falling? The answer is "YES"

In this article, we prepared some tips for you on falling safely:

  •  Wear protective gear.

Helmet, safety stirrups, gloves, and protective vest - all that good stuff!

  • The Reins

If you get into a situation where a fall is inevitable you'll have to decide whether or not to hold onto the reins. In most cases, I would recommend to let go of them, because if the horse starts to run after the fall you can get seriously injured by holding on to them.  However, if you are in an open space (field, forest) you might want to hold the reins, as your horse might simply run away



  •  How to Fall

First and the most important - kick your feet out of the stirrups. You don't want your legs to get stuck in them. If you feel like falling is inevitable try not to hold on with your ankles and just let your legs out.

Second, try to roll out of your horse’s way so it doesn't step on you. Try to curl yourself as much as you can, don't let your arms or legs “stick out” as it increases the chances of breaking your bones.


  •  After the Fall

Check if nothing got injured. If no, it's better to get back in saddle immediately so you are not afraid. In the case of injury seek immediate medical help and try not to move too much as it can worsen the injury.

  •  When going Trail Riding ALWAYS ride in a group.



In case you fall and injure yourself there will be someone who can help you and call an ambulance, as well as catch your horse.


Don’t be afraid of falling as it happens to everyone! You can reward yourself with some nice tack or maybe a sweet dessert?

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