Jumping Saddle Pads

Equestroom Jumping Saddle Pads: Perfect for Competitive and Aspiring Riders

Discover Equestroom’s collection of premium jumping saddle pads, tailored for both competitive and aspiring riders. Our jumper saddle pads are crafted from "super quick dry" and dirt-resistant materials, ensuring your horse stays dry and your saddle remains clean. Each Equestroom jump saddle pad combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, showcasing tasteful design elements that stand out.

Features and Benefits of Equestroom jumping saddle pads:

  • Superior Materials: Equestroom jump saddle pads are made with high quality fabrics and assembled with care.
  • Comfort Technology: Designed to add comfort for your horse and dissipate heat and moisture, perfect for hot and humid conditions or intense training sessions.
  • Luxurious Design Elements: Our jumping saddle pads are celebrated for their durability, comfort, and support, featuring luxurious design elements that are immediately apparent.

Variety of Colors: Choose from a wide range of colors including a variety of pink saddle pad options, Champagne, Midnight black, and Majorelle blue and many more. Our collection offers something for every style, whether you prefer timeless classics, modern designs, or a sportive look.

Bridle your inner showjumper with the best jumping saddle pads from Equestroom. Explore our collection today and find the perfect match for your horse.


While you can technically use a dressage saddle pad for jumping, it's not ideal. Dressage saddle pads are designed to fit the longer, straighter shape of a dressage saddle. Jumping saddle pads are cut to fit the more forward flap of a jumping saddle, providing better fit and comfort for both horse and rider.

The best saddle pad for jumping is one specifically designed for the sport. Jumping saddle pads have a shape that accommodates the forward-cut flap of a jumping saddle and often include features like extra padding, moisture-wicking materials, and secure straps to keep the pad in place during intense activity. Equestroom’s jumping saddle pads are designed to meet these requirements, offering both functionality and style.

Our saddle pad come in different sizes. You can choose between PONY, COB, and FULL size variants on the product page.

Sizing Guide:
PONY size 13hh-14.2hh
COB size 14.3-15hh
FULL size 15.1hh-16.3hh