Raspberry Fizz

Fresh and Vibrant Equestrian Gear

Unleash Your Equestrian Style with Raspberry Fizz Collection of Hot Pink Equestrian Gear

Dive into a world of vibrant elegance with Equestroom’s Raspberry Fizz Collection. Inspired by the fresh allure of sun-kissed raspberries on a bright summer day, this collection radiates a bold and refreshing charm. Perfect for equestrians who love to make a statement, our Raspberry Fizz products combine the vividness of hot pink with the sophistication and functionality you need in your riding gear.

Matchy Saddle Pad Set: Our Raspberry Fizz matchy sets include perfectly paired saddle pads, fly hats, boots, and browbands, offering a seamless look that’s both stunning and practical.

Saddle Pad: Designed to offer maximum comfort and support, these sparkle pads keep your horse cool and comfortable while adding a vibrant touch to your gear. Available in cuts suited for dressage and jumping.

Browband: Add a pop of color to your bridle with our dazzling Raspberry Fizz browbands. These coordinating glitter browbands are designed to turn heads.

Horse Boots: Protect and style your horse's legs with our Raspberry Fizz boots. Engineered for superior comfort and protection, Brush Boots, Open Front and Ankle Boots all coordinate in hot pink style.

Halter: Our Raspberry Fizz halters provide the perfect mix of comfort and style. Perfect for daily handling or making a bold statement in the barn.

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Complete Coordination: Each set includes a different high-quality English saddle pad with an optional matching fly hat, and brush boots, and even a browband all in unique and fashionable colors that stand out in the ring.

Superior Quality: Crafted with the finest materials, our saddle pad sets are made to provide comfort and durability. The breathable fabrics ensure your horse stays cool and comfortable, while the sturdy construction of the boots offers excellent protection.

Unique Colors and Designs: From vibrant hues to classic shades, our sets come in a range of colors that complement any horse’s coat and reflect your personal style.

Great Value: Get a cohesive look without the hassle of matching individual items. Our sets are priced to offer you the best value, combining quality, style, and affordability.

Discover our collection of matching saddle pad sets, ideal for those looking to achieve a harmonious and professional look.

All of our saddle pads come in multiple style options. Depending on the saddle you use and the discipline you use, you can select between JUMP, DRESSAGE or ALL-PURPOSE saddle pad styles.

Our products come in different sizes. You can choose between PONY, COB, and FULL size variants on the product page.

Sizing Guide:
PONY size 13hh-14.2hh
COB size 14.3-15hh
FULL size 15.1hh-16.3hh