We all have goals and aspirations, things we have always dreamed of doing or hope we could experience at least once. As equestrians, our horses are in the middle of our lives and therefore, our dreams.

We want to achieve our goals with our horses, experience new things with them, and, of course, discover new adventures with them.

A simple bucket list can help you to encourage yourself to make your dreams come true with your loyal companion. 


Creating Your Equestrian Bucket List: How to Start and What to Include

A simple bucket list can be a powerful tool to inspire you and help you realize your dreams with your loyal equine companion. Here’s how to start crafting your equestrian bucket list and some exciting ideas to include:

Reflect on Your Equestrian Aspirations: Think about what truly excites you in the world of horses. Do you dream of mastering a particular riding discipline, traveling to iconic equestrian destinations, or participating in prestigious horse shows? Your bucket list should reflect your unique passions and goals.

Set Realistic and Inspiring Goals: While it’s great to aim high, ensure your list includes a mix of achievable short-term goals and long-term dreams. This balance will keep you motivated and provide regular opportunities for celebration as you check items off your list.

Include Learning and Growth Opportunities: Consider adding items that will expand your skills and knowledge, such as attending a clinic with a top trainer, learning a new riding style, or studying equine health and behavior. Continuous learning can enrich your equestrian journey and deepen your bond with your horse.

Explore Equestrian Adventures: Think beyond the arena and include adventurous experiences. Trail riding through stunning landscapes, embarking on a horseback safari, or participating in a beach ride can create unforgettable memories.

Share the Journey with Your Horse: Include goals that celebrate your partnership with your horse. Competing in your first show together, achieving a personal best in dressage, or simply enjoying a relaxed hack through the countryside are wonderful ways to strengthen your bond.

Capture and Celebrate Your Achievements: Document your progress with photos, journals, or videos. Sharing your journey with friends, family, or fellow equestrians on social media can provide additional motivation and create a sense of community and support and don't forget to share with us, we would love to hear what you are up to!



What goals to add in your bucket list? 

When setting your bucket list include a mix of more reachable goals and those that will take more time and preparation to complete. As you achieve them one by one, you will find the confidence to make harder dreams and goals come true.

15+ Ideas For Your Equestrian Bucket List

Here are some simple bucket list ideas for inspiration: 

  1. Ride at sunrise/sunset:   
  2. Go on a trail ride with your bestie: That’s one of the best ways to strengthen your bonds with your horse and with your best friend.
  3. Try mounted games or gymkhana: Why not to try a games day and test your skill at games like keyhole, flag races and more.  Or even horseback archery?
  4. Ride on the beach: Always fun, the beach provides great footing, beautiful scenery and a new experience for some. 
  5. Help a beginner to learn horse riding: We were all beginners and some of us needed the courage to improve their riding skills. 
  6. Ride tackless: If you have won the trust of your horse and you trust him/her as well, try to ride tackless. Maybe only with a neck rope.
  7. Jump with no hands: This one may require some practice before achieving but will surely provide a sense of fun and achievement.
  8.  Train your horse to do some cool stuff: Take some time to train your horse and impress your non-equestrian and equestrian friends alike!
  9.  Watch a foal nurse: Watch newborn foals trying to stand by themselves and nurse for the first time.
  10.  Ride in the mountains: Fresh mountain air and marvelous views… All with your horse… Go discover the adventures waiting for you at the top of those hills! 
  11.  Learn how to drive a horse carriage: Your horse may not be able to pull a cart but you can try it with some professional driving horses and learn from a professional driver. 
  12.  Try vaulting or trick riding at least once: Whether with your horse, or another proper horse, you can try vaulting and see if you are talented in this disciple. Even if you are not, this will be another experience in your journal! 
  13. Learn a new riding discipline, such as dressage, show jumping, or Western riding.
  14. Participate in a charity ride or parade. 
  15. Travel to an international horse show or event, like the Royal Windsor Horse Show, the Kentucky Derby or snow polo in Aspen, CO.
  16. Build or renovate your dream stable or arena.
  17. Host an equestrian-themed event or party.
  18. Ride a horse in a different country and experience a new culture.  Like Icelandic ponies in Iceland, Argentine polo ponies in Argentina.

Creating an equestrian bucket list is about dreaming big and taking steps to turn those dreams into reality. Each item on your list is a stepping stone to a more fulfilling and adventurous equestrian life. Start today and let your aspirations guide you on an incredible journey with your loyal companion.

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